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Check out all the info you need on our Playing Sessions, Paintball Age Limit, Equipment Upgrades and Extras.

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Please note we are strict with our arrival times and ask that you make every effort to be here on time. We wouldn’t recommend coming any earlier than 10 minutes before arrival time. Players that arrive more than 30 minutes late may forfeit their session with no refund.

Finish times quoted are an approximation. You may finish earlier than the time quoted e.g  if you have run out of paintballs. Alternativley we may extend the finish time at management’s discretion.


ARRIVE – 9:00 AM



ARRIVE – 1:30 PM

FINISH – 4:30 PM


By Appointment – Please call us

for availability

Our main Game Day is Saturday and we are normally closed on Sunday however we will open on a Sunday if you have a big enough group. If you want to play Sunday best to give us a call first to see if we can accomodate your group.


On the 1st July 2019 the minimum legal age to play paintball in NSW was dropped to 12 years.

If you are 12 or 17 years old you will need your parent or guardian to fill out and sign our parental consent form. You will need to bring this signed form with you on game day and give this to our staff.

You will also need to bring a copy of official identification proving you are over 12 years old. Photo I.D is preferable but for under 18s not always possible. We will accept copies of birth certificates, School I.D cards, Learner’s permit cards and Service NSW proof of age cards. The best way to show us I.D documents is via a photo on your smart phone.

We will also need to be shown a photo of your parent’s drivers licence so we can verify the signature they use on our parental consent form.

Please note the term ‘guardian’ refers to your legal guardian e.g if you are an orphan or foster child and not just a relative or adult bringing you to paintball.

Click here for Parental Consent form.


Park Entry comes with our standard paintball gun the GOG Enmey. It's great modern gun but sometimes you want to upgrade to the next level.

Our upgrades offer guns that fire more paintballs per second, have longer barrells giving you greater accuracy and air tanks with increased capacity so you can stay in the field longer without refilling.

Below are details of our great upgrade guns. Numbers are limited and they always sell fast so if you would like to secure an awesome upgrade you can pre-pay your gun hire when you pay your park entry 7 days before your playing date.

GOG Alpha Upgrade

GOG ALPHA Upgrade now comes with BONUS 200 Paintballs


DYE RIZE Upgrade now comes with BONUS 400 Paintballs

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