How many people do I need to play?

We send people out in groups of approx 30 players and run 15 vs 15.

Don’t worry if you have a smaller group or even if you want to play as an individual we’ll just team you up with an appropriate mixed group.

Alternatively if you have a large group of 50-60 people we can also accommodate you as our Game Zones are large enough to run that many players.

Can my group play paintball on their own?

A minimum of 30 players is needed to play on your own as an exclusive group.

This is subject to availability as there may be some days when we cannot offer your group exclusivity.

Can my group all be on the same team?

Years of experience has taught us that the best way to avoid conflicts and an ‘us vs them’ attitude is to have mixed groups.

Most people also enjoy the opportunity to shoot their friends or family.

Can I add people to my group on the day of play?

The only players who are guaranteed a spot to play in a session are those who have pre-paid their $10 Park Entry 7 days before the playing date.

Our player numbers are limited but sometimes we have  a few vacancies due to cancellations or no-shows.

If you have people who want to come and play at the last minute best to give us a call and we’ll do our best to fit them in if space is available.

What happens if players arrive late?

It’s important that you turn up on time for your booked session.

Paintball is a group activity therefore it’s not fair to others in your session to make them wait for late players.

Once we have processed our players and are ready to go, we go!

If you turn up late there is no guarantee that we can get you ready after everyone else has gone out to play and you may end up forfeiting your session with no refund of Park Entry Fee.

So, to avoid disappointment please be punctual.

Can I get a refund if I don't come on the day?

Refunds of your pre-paid Park Entry ($10 per person) will only be given up to 7 days from your playing date.

Park Entry cannot be substituted for any other goods or services.

If you have pre-purchased any paintball packages or upgrades, then these will be refunded if you cancel your booking.

If a player(s) in your group cancels on you then you may substitute another person to take their booked spot.

Do I need to pay anything before I come?

The only thing you need to pay before you come is your Park Entry which is $10 per person.

This covers entry to Alpha Paintball as well as your essential equipment package and 100 bonus paintballs.

The Park Entry is due a minimum of 7 days before your play date.

The easiest way to pay this is over the phone with a Credit/Debit card.

Do you have EFTPOS facilities?

Yes, EFTPOS is available for VISA, Mastercard & Debit Cards.

No ‘cash out’ is available and we do not have an ATM.

To use EFTPOS the minimum transaction is $10.

We also accept cash for all transactions.

How long does a paintball session go for?

Paintball Sessions run for 3 hours.

Within each session we run multiple games that last between 7 and 15 mins each.

Players will play a variety of games types or scenarios and play on different Game Zones each with a different theme.

What is the legal minimum age for paintball?

In NSW you must be 12 years old to play paintball. This is the law and there are no exceptions.

Do I need Photo I.D to play paintball?

Yes, all players need to show us authentic phot I.D on the day of play. For under 18s we understand this is not always possible so we will accept a photo of a birthcertificate if no other I.D is available.

We accept Drivers Licenses, Passports, School Phot ID, NSW Photo Card or Proof of Age Card.

If you cannot be identified via a photo I.D you will not be allowed to play and no refund of Park Entry will be given.

Is there anywhere to store my valuables while I'm playing?

Lockers are available to hire for $10. They are big enough to hold your group’s keys, wallets etc.

Alternatively if you want to keep your valuables in your vehicle we can hold your keys for you.

Please note we do not take any responsibility for your valuables and we will not hold wallets, purses, phones etc behind the counter for you.

How many paintballs should I buy?

There isn’t a straight up answer for this one as it really depends on the individual’s playing style.

The average player uses between 800 – 1000 paintballs per session.

As a guide if this is your first time playing paintball it’s probably best to start with the ‘Starter Pack’  giving you 500 paintballs and if you run out later you can always get a top up during the break.

If you’re more experienced or confident of your ability then the ‘Attack Pack’ is the go giving you a total of 1000 paintballs. This is our most popular pack.

This would also be a good idea if you have upgraded your gun to the GOG ALPHA or DYE Rize which have faster rates of fire.

If you’re not sure, talk to us on the day and we’ll give you good advice.



Can I bring my own paintballs?

This is a bit like asking if you can take your own food to a good restaurant. 

Selling paintballs is how we stay in business therefore you will not be permitted to bring your own paintballs to our Paintball Park.

What should I wear?

Comfortable casual clothes are best. We recommend a long sleeve top and long pants to cover all exposed skin areas. A headcovering like a cap or headwrap is also a good idea. Paint from paintballs washes out in warm water.

In regard to protective gear like groin guards and gloves etc it really comes down to personal choice. Our staff are happy to talk through the different option available.

Finally, we recommend wearing sturdy footwear with ankle support and a tread that gives traction over broken ground.

Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Yes, if you would like to bring your own food and drinks that ‘s ok by us.

We have a BBQ available for your free use and there is an undercover area where you can sit down to eat.

This is a great idea to for birthdays and other celebrations. Just bring your own utensils, eski etc.

We also allow the responsible consumption of alcohol for people 18+ after games have finished.

Can I have Alcohol before or during paintball play?

Paintball guns are currently classified by the Police as Firearms and as such laws applied to firearms are applied to paintball guns.

In NSW the law states:
(1) A person must not handle or use a firearm while the person is under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.
(2) A person must not supply or give possession of a firearm to another person:
(a) if the person knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the other person is under the influence of alcohol or any other drug

Our application of this law is if we believe you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will not be permitted to play paintball with us and no refund of Park Entry will be given.

Can I wear glasses under my paintball goggles?

In most cases your seeing glasses should fit under your BASE anti-fog goggles with no problem.

We may need to apply some anti-fog spray to your lenses so they don’t fog up during play.

For more detailed answers to your questions see Terms & Conditions

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