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We’re determined to give you value for money and provide a great experience.

That’s why our paintball prices are as low as possible and why we’ve given you the option to choose the number of paintballs that suits you best.

Prone Paintball Player

After you’ve made a booking there’s just a couple of easy steps to having a great day at Alpha Paintball.


Purchase $10 per person Paintball Park Entry for all players in your group. This is paid by the group organiser no later than a week before Game Day after you have confirmed your final number of players. Paintball Park Entry includes the following hire gear:


BASE Goggles
GOG Enmey paintball gun


On Game Day each player must purchase one of our Paintball Packs.

Starter Pack $69
Splat Pack $99


Some people will be happy with the paintball pack they started with but If you’ve shot them all and want to keep the fun going you can purchase more refill paintballs during a break in the action.

Refills paintballs for paintball


Below are details of our great upgrade guns. All our gun upgrades now come with bonus paintballs. Numbers are limited and they always sell fast so if you would like to secure an awesome upgrade you can pre-pay your gun hire when you pay your park entry 7 days before your playing date.

GOG Alpha Upgrade


It’s not always easy organising a group of people to play Paintball. We’d like to reward you for doing the hard yards with FREE paintballs on-top of your purchased pack.

The Organiser rewards below are for the organiser only and not all players in your group. To qualify for your reward you must have the designated number of players show up on game day and purchase a paintball pack each.


The only mandatory item of paintball gear are approved paintball goggles. We also insist that you wear supportive closed footwear with a good level of tread on the soles for use on rough ground.

Apart from the above the amount of protective gear you wear is a matter of personal choice.

As a general rule we recommend you cover up any areas of exposed skin so a long sleeve top and long pants are a good starting point.

Please note: From March 1st 2023 we will no longer be hiring out overalls.

Our paintball goggles cover the front and sides of your head so it’s a good idea to wear a head covering such as a reversed basball cap or headwrap. Headwraps also keep the sweat out of your eyes which can lead to lens fogging if unchecked.

We also recommend gloves as a good investment as your hands are exposed when you fire your paintball gun.

For guys a Groin Guard will protect you down there and I personally wouldn’t play without one.

At Alpha Paintball we don’t insist you buy/hire our protective equipment.

If you already have these items or some equivalent you are more than welcome to bring and use these on the day you play.

Gear for purchase

Tactical Gloves - $15

Your hands hold your paintball gun therefore they are one of the most exposed parts of your body. Reduce impacts to your fingers especially the knuckles with Tactical Gloves.

Groin Guard - Hector Protector - $10

The most common question we get asked is “Do I need a Groin Guard?” Well if you have something down there you want to protect our answer is YES!

headwrap - $10

A Headwrap offers great moisture absorbing qualities keeping sweat out of your eyes as well as offering protection for the top and back of the head.

Gear for hire

body armour - $8

Just like a bullet proof vest our body armour protects you torso front and back. best worn on the outside of clothing.

Neck Guard - $5

A paintball to the neck can really hurt so we always cover up this sensitive area with a neck guard or other covering.

camo overalls - no longer for hire

As of 1st march 2023 we will no longer be hiring out camo overalls. This is due to a prohibitive increase in laundry costs and the remaining threat from the Covid 19.

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